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BBC - Heroes and Weapons of WWII Part 18: Rockets  

Видео / BBC - Heroes and Weapons of WWII Part 18: Rockets
BBC - Heroes and Weapons of WWII Part 18: Rockets 
Год: 2003
Язык: английский
Перевод: нет
Русские субтитры: нет
Video Codec: XviD ISO MPEG-4
Video Bitrate: 3047 kbps
Video Resolution: 704x528
Video Aspect Ratio: 1.333:1
Frames Per Second: 25.000
Audio Codec: 0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3
Audio Bitrate: 192kb/s CBR 48000 Hz
Audio Streams: 2
Audio Languages: english
RunTime Per Part: 23:39.200
Number Of Parts: 20
Part Size: 550 MB
The heroes on the battlefield, were matched by their civilian counterparts, who helped to liberate the free world by deciphering enemy codes, designing better aircraft and inventing war-winning machinery and ordnance. From pathfinding pilots to scientists, from the officers confronted with Hitler's atrocities at Belsen to the inventors of radar ; they all played a part in hastening the end of the most cataclysmic conflict ever.

Rockets had a huge impact on World War II. Hand-held rocket-launchers such as the American bazooka and German panzerfaust enabled infantry to tackle tanks head-on. Multiple rocket launchers such as Stalin's Organ were a ferocious multiplication of firepower. The German V-2s were the world's first ballistic missiles. This programme shows exactly how these revolutionary weapons worked.


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