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Painting and Weathering Military Vehicles, Volume 2  

Моделизм / Painting and Weathering Military Vehicles, Volume 2
Painting and Weathering Military Vehicles, Volume 2

Издательство: Auriga Publishing International
Серия: Auriga Advanced Techniques 2
Автор: Alessandro Bruschi, Marijn Van Gils, Marco Campanella
Название: Advanced Techniques: Painting and Weathering Military Vehicles, Volume 2
Язык: английский
Год издания: 2005
Количество страниц: 78
ISBN: 88-88711-13-9
Формат: pdf (300 dpi)
Размер: 52 мб

The first volume of the Advanced Techniques series offered the readers the chance to learn several tricks with which to easily improve their own models. This second volume is aimed both for the beginner, wishing to explore the fascinating world of static modeling, and to the experienced, in search of new techniques. With the aid of high quality photographs, detailed drawings and a comprehensive text, the Authors examine different ways to build highly detailed models. The strong point is again on the painting techniques, not only the camouflage schemes but also the refined art of weathering. Just the weathering and the reproduction of tear and wear, bring the model to life, making it credible. If such a model is to be placed in the context of a diorama a work of harmonization and valorization is necessary, extensively explained in these pages. The Authors show what is possible to do nowadays in the static modeling field; whoever does not wish to super detail their own kit, can anyway find many tips and ideas that represent a step forward to a better model.
To observe the masters at work from "over their shoulders", has always been the best way to develop one's own skill. Therefor the idea is to immediately apply the techniques described in this book, getting more and more satisfaction from model making.

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Thanks.The very good book. smile


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