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Armament, Military History, Modeling

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Modeling Tanks And Military Vehicles  

Моделизм / Modeling Tanks And Military Vehicles
  • Автор: vova3 18-09-2008, 23:50

Modeling Tanks And Military Vehicles


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Написал: trent, 19 сентября 2008 00:59 |
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Написал: Oleksandr, 8 августа 2009 11:45 |
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THE BASIC IDEA behind this book is to show you how to build armor models, starting at the most basic level of kit assembly and painting and taking you all the way through to advanced projects in step-by-step fashion. Although the material published on real armored vehicles has come in a virtual flood over the past dozen years, little has been published about the modeling aspect of this hobby. This book will help fill that gap. If you've never built a military vehicle model before, this book will show you how, but if you've been building models for a year or two - or even several years - you'll find this book invaluable. In it, author Shep Paine explains his techniques in a manner so clear that you'll be able to put them to work immediately in your modeling. In fact. a brief lesson or two from Shep may be just what you need to "break through" and boost your skills to the next higher level. So climb aboard! If you want your next armor model to be a whole lot better than your last - or the one you're working on now - then MODELING TANKS AND MILITARY VEHICLES is the book for you. As an example this book contains a step-by-step section explaining how to build a superdetailed M51 iSherman and M25 Tank Transporter.
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