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Strike From the Sky: Israeli Airborne Troops  

Униформа / Strike From the Sky: Israeli Airborne Troops
  • Автор: vihot 4-05-2019, 20:47
Strike From the Sky: Israeli Airborne Troops

Издательство: Villard Books
Серия: Villard Military Series
Автор: Ashley Brown
Название: Strike From the Sky: Israeli Airborne Troops
Язык: английский
Год издания: 1986
Количество страниц: 96
ISBN: 0394744047
Формат: pdf
Размер: 43 мб

Israeli airborne troops are among the most feared and highly skilled of the world's elite fighting units. Masters of the surgical operation and the surprise assault, they are renowned for their heroism and success under fire. Strike from the Sky, the third volume in the Villard Military Series, presents the command structure, the tactical superiority, and the individual members of these crack airborne forces as they have never been seen before-up close and in action. From the daring drop behind enemy Egyptian lines led by Ariel Sharon in 1956, to the dramatic raid on Entebbe, to the recent campaigns in Lebanon, here are the vital battles and crucial victories that have put the airborne troops on the front line of the Israeli Defense Forces.
More than 100 illustrations and photographs, in both full-color and black-and-white, capture the extraordinary nature of the Israeli paratrooper's extraordinary calling.



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